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Cortec Corrosion protection

Small Steps Offer Big ROI on Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion may not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking of preventative maintenance. Yet, it can be a critical part of keeping vital “nerve centers” going at any facility—making sure the lights stay on; the electricity...
Cortec® Offers Rapid-Response

Cortec® Offers Rapid-Response Shipping on More than 240 SKUs!

Cortec® Corporation is pleased to now officially offer rapid response, same-day shipping for most of its standard VpCI® and MCI® products. While other corrosion inhibitor companies may provide same-day shipping on select metals preservation products in small quantities, Cortec’s...

Go Water-Based and VOC Compliant with DTM Coating Powered by NANO VpCI®!

When it comes to finding a water-based coating for outdoor corrosion protection, VpCI®-386 is a great place to start. VpCI®-386 is a fast drying, water-based acrylic one coat system (topcoat) that can be applied DTM (direct to metal) for...

Global Leader in Corrosion Protection Packaging Recommends Custom VpCI®-125 ESD Bags for Sensitive Electronics

Cortec® Advanced Films is the global leader in producing high quality VpCI® films held to tight quality standards in its onsite QC lab. These films offer one of the easiest methods for corrosion protection of metal components being stored...

A Customized Corrosion Solution for Pipe End Protection

Pipe ends are sometimes capped to protect against physical damage and intrusion of foreign objects during storage and shipping. Cortec’s CorroLogic® CorrPlug® brings pipe caps to the next level by incorporating VpCI® corrosion protection technology directly into the plastic...
Cortec® Corporation

CorteCros Conducts Project for INA Group

During oil and gas exploitation in the oil fields, pipelines and storage tanks often crack and contaminate soil as a result. Soil pollution with various oils or diesel fuel also happens during exploration and drilling of new wells. When...

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