Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Devices

ATTCO is the leader in providing ergonomic, safe industrial lifting devices, The SKY HOOK, to companies around the world. Above all, Offering a cost-effective lift solution for all of your safe lifting requirements, furthermore, our “Sky Hook” ergonomic equipment helps prevent serious back injuries as a result, hence lowering your financial burden. Furthermore, a Sky Hook lifting device will also start saving you money the first day it’s on the job. So your employees and customers will love how easily it lifts machine parts and all other heavy items. In conclusion, Sky Hook has also dedicated over 40 years of manufacturing in the United States. In other words, its USA-made and a Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Devices have been serving a wide and variety of industries.

Cost-Effective and Portable Lifting Devices

Sky Hook Cost effective and more flexible than a forklift, overhead crane, or chain hoist, ATTCO’s ergonomic, industrial and safe lifting devices that can lift a 500-pound load onto or off of a machine, workbench with ease. This method of ergonomic lifting reduces workplace injuries and furthermore makes your operation more efficient due to the ease of use. For instance, If it typically takes four employees and 15 minutes each to help someone else move a heavy load, consequently production also suffers. But not so when you use a Sky Hook lifting device.

A Sky Hook Industrial Lifting Device:

  • Lifts up to 500 lbs.
  • Performs the work of four other people
  • Is also portable and lightweight
  • Also Saves time and production
  • Rotates 360° and also operates with one hand!
  • Can also be customized to fit your specific application
  • All Noteworthy results

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