Go Water-Based and VOC Compliant with DTM Coating Powered by NANO VpCI®!

When it comes to finding a water-based coating for outdoor corrosion protection, VpCI®-386 is a great place to start. VpCI®-386 is a fast drying, water-based acrylic one coat system (topcoat) that can be applied DTM (direct to metal) for corrosion protection in outdoor unsheltered applications. It offers a variety of environmental and user benefits.

VpCI®-386 is a good alternative to solvent-based corrosion inhibitor coatings. VpCI®-386 has a relatively low VOC of 0.6 lbs/gal (72 g/L), well below the typical cutoff of 3.5 lbs/gal (419 g/L) for VOC compliance in many regions. As a water-based product, VpCI®-386 is able to compete with many paints and zinc-rich coatings thanks to the power of Cortec’s “NANO” VpCI® inhibitors. These inhibitors fight micro-corrosion by forming a molecular protective layer that follows the intricacies of the substrate’s micro-cavities. This offers fuller inhibitor coverage than traditional sacrificial metal inhibitors, which leave gaps due to their relatively large particle sizes. Implementing VpCI®-386 allows users to lower environmental impact by reducing VOCs while also minimizing worker exposure to solvents and making coating cleanup easier.

Traditional Coatings vs. Micro-Protective Coatings

VpCI®-386 is adaptable to a variety of applications. As mentioned, it can be applied DTM. It can also be applied as a clear coat on top of another coating, creating minimal change to surface appearance. This was beneficial for a Pacific military base that wanted to protect Airfield Damage Repair vehicles that were sitting in very corrosive conditions near the ocean. A low-gloss version of VpCI®-386 was applied as a clearcoat over the vehicle paint without altering vehicle appearance, while still providing protection in a way that allowed personnel to use the equipment at any time. In another case, an Indonesian dealer of heavy equipment applied VpCI®-386 Black and CAT Yellow to maintain the vehicles’ appearance while providing corrosion protection in a seaside storage yard after conventional paint failed to provide the desired solution. After three months, VpCI®-386 had outperformed the conventional paint on tested areas, so the customer decided to do a full paint job on the equipment bodies using the custom tinted VpCI®-386 coatings.

As a permanent coating that can be welded over, VpCI®-386 does not need to be removed before final installment or use of the protected metal components. Although it is ideal to apply VpCI®-386 at the manufacturing site from the outset, it can also be applied farther down the line to protect expensive metal assets that will sit for extended periods at storage sites. This was the case at a power plant being built in the southern U.S. in a corrosive environment of temperature and humidity swings. Custom-built smokestack sections from Asia had been delivered to the site almost two years ahead of time. VpCI®-386 was used to coat the ID (inner diameter) of the smokestack sections for interim protection in order to avoid construction delays. The coating met their needs for a product that was easy to apply and did not need to be removed upon installation.

VpCI®-386 is an excellent option for industries needing a water-based corrosion inhibitor coating. In addition to its corrosion protection benefits, VpCI®-386 minimizes changes to surface appearance, reduces VOCs, and minimizes worker exposure to solvents to present an overall friendlier profile for users and the environment.

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