Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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OPC Foundation Extends OPC UA Including TSN Down to Field Level

The OPC Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its new setup to identify OPC UA and related TSN-harmonization needs and extends OPC Foundation standards and specifications. The goal of this initiative is to deliver an open, cohesive approach...
PED-Friendly SmartTray®

Replacing Ordinary Food Tray Tables With PED-Friendly SmartTray® Tables

Demand for onboard entertainment on airplanes, trains and buses reached unprecedented levels the past several years putting tremendous pressure on mass transit operators to either meet their customers' expectations or risk losing market share to its competitors. Replacing existing...

Duncan & Son Lines Celebrates 75 Years of American Trucking Excellence

Duncan & Son Lines, Inc. is proud to celebrate its 75th year as a respected leader in the commercial transportation and trucking industry, both on the state and national level. With three-quarters of a century worth of experience, the...

eCards on TIPS