ZOLLER Inc. Z.connect Returns, June 13th, 2019

ZOLLER Inc. Hosting the Z.connect workshop series of events at the North American Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Thursday, June 13th, 2019. The Z.connect, is a recurring series of events aimed at familiarizing attendees with ZOLLER Inc.’s solutions portfolio of products. The event will begin at 10:00 am eastern. ZOLLER experts will deliver several presentations in various key areas. With topics ranging from a general company overview to an in-depth look at automation solutions and Industry 4.0., there will be something for everyone throughout the day.

A main focus of the Z.connect workshop is ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions. TMS is a broad topic, with many subsections, but is mainly categorized as either TMS hardware or TMS software. TMS hardware includes ZOLLER storage solutions, such as the »toolOrganizer«, »keeper« and »microTwister« (to name just a few), while TMS Software focuses solely on the 3 different software packages ZOLLER offers – Bronze, Silver or Gold. Each software version has additional functionality associated with it – for instance, Silver allows users the ability to monitor stock levels and set automatic re-order amounts so that tool stock never depletes. Both TMS Hardware and Software solutions will be highlighted at the Z.connect and live demonstrations will be given of both in process in a presentation called ‘Art-to-Part’. ‘

Art-to-Part’ highlights ZOLLER’s vision of the manufacturing environment of tomorrow – one where each stage of the production process is connected and can communicate with one another via a centralized tool database, called z.One. Here, all pertinent tool information is stored and can be accessed anywhere, at any time across the entire manufacturing facility. This ensures that accurate and consistent tool data is being used by every employee at the manufacturing facility at all times. ZOLLER ensures higher efficiency and accuracy, every step of the way, from CAM programming to the finished part – ‘Art-to-Part’. Additionally, ZOLLER experts will be standing by to answer any questions visitors may have and offer live demonstrations on any of the machines on hand. ZOLLER’s state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 technology center has over 37 machines installed and available for demonstration. Just ask for a demonstration! Participation in all Z.connect events is free, but space is limited to 30 guests.

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