Sinto America, Inc. and its Affiliated Companies Announces the Launch of New Website

Sinto America, Inc., and its affiliated companies launched its new website,, combining all Sinto America group companies into one corporate site.

With the new website, we are offering a solutions-based design to our customers in all the industries we serve, from foundry and material handling to surface finishing technologies. We want our customers to easily access the breadth of products and services we provide as a group.

The new website has several significant features that connects our customers, partner and potential employees with our company. We have also integrated language translation into Spanish.

The new website went live on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. All previous Sinto America company websites are now being redirect to

About Sinto America, Inc

Sinto America, Inc., is the North American group holding company, of Sintokogio, Ltd., Japan. The Sinto group of companies has an international reputation for excellence in the metal casting and surface treatment industries. Sinto America, Inc. and its group of operating companies are dedicated to providing superior customer service by offering practical, cost effective and technologically advanced equipment and solutions to Foundry, Surface Treatment, and Material Handling industries throughout North America.

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