Orbital Wrapper Manufacturer Introduces Automated Smart Controls on Compact Stretch Wrap Machine

Automation Option Now Available on 40-Inch TAB Wrapper Tornado

Orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries, LLC, Reading, Pa. (www.tabwrapper.com), is now offering its Smart Controls automated stretch wrapping system in a 40-inch model as an option. Featuring the company’s proprietary automation technology on a compact platform, the 40-inch TAB Wrapper Tornado Smart Controls orbital wrapper was introduced to help material handling, packaging, and shipping professionals eliminate manual stretch wrapping of undersized and low profile pallet loads. The Smart Controls enable a forklift driver to automatically apply stretch wrap 360 degrees around the pallet and load, cut the stretch wrap, and ready the plastic film for the next pallet load with a single press and release of start and stop buttons on a remote control without leaving the seat.

Suitable for wrapping half pallets, mini pallets, beverage and dairy pallets, palletized, self-merchandising retail displays, and other loads with less than standard pallet dimensions, the new 40-inch TAB Wrapper Tornado Smart Controls orbital wrapping machine extends the lineup to four models. In addition to the 40-inch wrapping ring model, the Smart Controls are offered on the company’s three TAB Wrapper Tornado Standard models, which offer 80-, 100- and 115-inch wrapping rings to accommodate nearly any pallet load.

The Smart Controls orbital wrappers are designed and manufactured at the company’s Reading, Pa. headquarters. The stretch wrappers are delivered ready to plug in and operate with a full warranty.

For a free brochure or more information, contact TAB Industries, LLC, 2525 N. 12th Street, Reading PA 19605; 610-921-0012; info@tabwrapper.com or see www.tabwrapper.com.