Omegasonics Introduces Customizable Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Omegasonics, a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, has announced that it is offering ultrasonic cleaning machines that are completely customizable.

Omegasonics offers more than 50 different ultrasonic cleaning units, including industrial and bench top washers. However, if one of its existing machines does not meet a customer’s requirements, Omegasonics will customize a machine to their specifications.

By offering customizable ultrasonic cleaning machines, Omegasonics provides a more effective solution based on the unique cleaning specifications of the client. Specialized requirements include the types and sizes of objects to be cleaned, and the particular type of contaminant needing to be removed. These factors help determine everything from tank size to transducer frequency as well as other design details.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the best ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market,” said Frank Pedeflous, President of Omegasonics. “By offering the option to customize our machines, we always have a solution to meet our customers’ needs, allowing them to increase productivity and further reduce downtime and the cost involved in cleaning products by hand.”

Omegasonics’ ultrasonic cleaning systems use environmentally friendly soap solutions to reduce the risk of contamination, labor and chemical disposal costs, and employee exposure to toxic chemicals.

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About Omegasonics

Omegasonics, the West Coast’s leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, designs and manufactures a complete line of industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems, biodegradable cleaning agents, supplies and accessories.

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