Komax Hi-Pass Static Mixer Achieves More Than 25% Polymer Savings

Reduce Polymer Flocculant Consumption with Non-Plugging/Non-Fouling Komax Sludge Mixer

The Komax Hi-Pass™ Sludge Mixer is designed to achieve polymer savings in excess of 25% by effectively mixing polymer solution into sludge flows prior to the dewatering process.

Non-Clogging, Non-Fouling Design
The Komax Hi-Pass™ static mixer is designed to be extremely resistant to fouling or clogging. The edges of the element sets are smoothly contoured with a large radius for high fouling duty. The basis for the mixer design is a set of right rotation elements followed by a set of left rotation elements set at 90 degrees from each other.

This is a non-clogging design as the municipal sludges contain solid and fibrous materials of sufficient quantities and types to accumulate and cause fouling or plugging conditions in standard mixers.

Low Pressure Drop
The Komax Hi-Pass™ sludge mixer can efficiently perform pressure sensitive applications. It is capable of handling and mixing municipal sludges with solids up to 5%, and of passing individual solid items with a nominal major diameter up to 25% that of the mixer.

It prevents “stapling” of stringy materials in the flow and has a relatively lower pressure drop.

Optimum Efficiency, Lower Costs
The injector manifold of the mixer is designed to present the diluted polymer solution to the sludge flow for optimum efficiency. Better dispersion of the small amount of solution through the sludge mixing elements is achieved.

The Komax Hi-Pass™ Sludge Mixer will reduce polymer consumption and costs and will produce dryer cake solids in dewatering operations. It is particularly suited for use on the feed line to devices such as belt fiber presses, plate filter presses, gravity belt thickeners, centrifuges, and pressure or vacuum filters

Other Technologies
Hi-Pass™ mixing elements are also used in various other Komax products where high fouling can occur, or large debris needs to pass through. Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger and Open Channel Mixers are two additional units that use the Hi-Pass™ mixing elements.

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