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Established in 1986, IMD | Industrial Machinery Digest is a national monthly Business-2-Business trade publication serving the owners and managers of America’s most diversified job shops, machine shops, OEM / MRO, contract manufacturers and production line manufacturing in the small to midsize markets. This dedicated metalworking and fabricating audience is the driving force behind U.S. manufacturing. Our readership is audited by EDA (Equipment Data Associates). EDA is audited by (Verified Publication Audit).

This accurate and formulated readership provides us with the most active buyers in the market today. Our readers of Industrial Machinery Digest can access each issue by print, digital, and Mobil devices each month, and 24-7 by acessing the IMD bookshelf on the Industrial Machinery Digest website. We continue to update and inform our readers dailey with information by posting to our website-portal and archives. Our goal it to provide a longer shelf life each month. We tag, post, then archive each issue on the home page bookshelf of our web portal. Please take some time and go visit the IMD | Industrial Machinery Digest homp page of our website at:

In addition to the 12 monthly Industrial Machinery Digest issues, we also publish four Quarterly IMD Digital Product and Solution Guides. This digital solution approach reaches our full 75,000 growing readers in realtime offering new products and solutions for today’s diversified manufacturers and job shops. This gives Industrial Customers, Consumers and Buyers a true 360° Information source for the decision making process. Please visit the IMD | Industrial Machinery Digest Quarterly Digital Product and Solution Issue Guides on the Quarterly Archive Bookshelf. In addition to our Business-to-Business qualified audience, Industrial Machinery Digest participates and distributes our publications to an average of 30 national and regional trade shows each year giving our clients maximum exposure in the Manufacturing Market.