Greater Box Plant Efficiencies Achieved with Proper Pallet Load Containment

Increased throughput and pallet protection offered by coveted stretch and hood wrapping solutions

Signode Industrial Group, a leading manufacturer of a broad spectrum of consumables, tools, software and equipment to optimize end-of-line packaging operations and protect product in transit, delivers greater pallet load stability and product protection for corrugated box plants with its line of Octopus stretch wrappers and Lachenmeier stretch hood equipment.

Newly adopted in the corrugated industry, the innovative Octopus Line of stretch wrappers featuring ring technology offers significant advantages over traditional rotary arm and conventional stretch wrapping methods. Attendees of Corrugated Week in Indianapolis learned more during the “What’s New Session” on the exhibit floor. The session, “Incorporating Ring Wrapping Technology for Greater Box Plant Efficiencies” explored how the equipment solution increases productivity, reduces waste and maximizes overall efficiencies to ensure optimal pallet load containment.

The Octopus line of rotary ring stretch wrappers offers proper pallet load containment for a variety of applications and load sizes. Equipped with the company’s patented Easy S Film Carriage which enables simple film loading, maximizes pre-stretch performance and minimizes wear. Compared to traditional “W” wrap systems, the positive contact of the “S” wrap pattern improves pre-stretch levels, can better handle a variety of films, and significantly lowers the overall cost of ownership. The inherent flexibility of rotary ring stretch wrap technology provides the best load containment possible at the lowest cost per load (film savings of up to 25% are possible versus traditional rotary arm stretch wrappers). Versatile, modular, cost effective, operator-friendly and high speed are all applicable descriptions of Octopus stretch wrapper machine systems.

“The Octopus line of ring wrappers has been a proven solution across many industries, like food and beverage, for decades,” says Mark Wolschlag, National Accounts Manager, Signode Industrial Group. “Having it as part of the corrugated portfolio has been tremendous for customers looking for a more compact alternative to our well-known Multi FleXL stretch hood machine and film.”

Lachenmeier’s Multi FleXL stretch hood machine provides the necessary protection and force to stabilize even the most challenging loads. Flexible enough to handle varying load sizes automatically, the machine can be configured with up to four different sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Wrapping up to 180 loads an hour, depending on the size and height of the product, Multi FleXL further provides fast and accurate results. When coupled with Xeros™ stretch hood film, loads are not only quickly and effectively secured but also free of contaminates and moisture. Stretch hood film inherently offers waterproof protection- ensuring loads are kept dry from the elements. However, condensation can also build from the inside due to high humidity or drastic fluctuations in atmosphere temperature. The patented multi-layer film technology used to manufacture Xeros™ prevents that.

“The Lachenmeier stretch hood systems and the Octopus Line of rotary ring wrappers are both ideal for manufacturers looking to effectively secure pallet loads during transport,” Wolschlag adds. “Coupled with the fact these solutions minimize waste and maximize box plant efficiencies, customers can achieve ideal load containment while simultaneously improving their bottom line.”

About Lachenmeier

Founded in 1969, Lachenmeier has been committed to providing the global market with high-quality pallet wrapping equipment. With unmatched industry experience in stretch hooding and shrink hooding systems, Lachenmeier manufactures high quality, efficient and cost saving equipment, with the flexibility the global market demands. As a result, the company develops cutting-edge technologies that offer the best pallet wrapping solution for our customers. In 2014, Lachenmeier-N.A. became part of Muller LCS, a leading manufacturer of innovative equipment and consumables for load containment and transit packaging-both are under the Signode Industrial Group (SIG).

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