Ergodyne Simplifies Tool Safety with the Squids® 3745 Tool Grip and Tether Attachment Point

Ergodyne announced the introduction of the Squids 3745 Tool Grip and Tether Attachment Point, a solution that simplifies tool tethering, meets the ANSI/ISEA 121 standard, and addresses a critical workplace safety issue.

“Dropped and falling objects result in severe injuries and even fatalities all too frequently,” said Nate Bohmbach, Product Director at Ergodyne and Chair of the Dropped Object Prevention Group at ISEA. “In 2021 alone, we saw 227 fatalities related to dropped objects, hundreds of millions of dollars in related costs and who knows how many close calls.”

The Squids 3745 Tool Grip and Tether Attachment Point, offered in a 2-pack, meets the ANSI/ISEA 121 standard and is third-party certified to a 1lb // 0.45kg maximum working capacity. The solution is designed to retrofit screwdrivers and nut drivers, creating a secure attachment point for tethering tools. The two-piece design includes an end cap and a rubber sleeve, which can be easily installed and removed multiple times without compromising the product’s or the hand tool’s integrity. The rubber sleeve provides a textured grip for comfort and efficient torquing, and the end cap features a swiveling connection point to prevent tangles and binds when used with a tool lanyard.

“Our goal is to reduce complexity for safety managers and foster greater adoption among workers,” said Bohmbach. “With the Squids 3745, we’re ultimately preventing accidents and saving lives while enhancing tool performance with better grip and torque.”

The sleeve’s flexible opening allows for the installation of larger nut drivers, and built-in trim lines enable customization to fit varying driver lengths. Importantly, the tool grip is designed to accommodate easy holstering of the screwdriver or nut driver even when installed.

“The Squids 3745 Tool Grip enhances safety without compromising tool usability,” said Tom Votel, CEO/President of Ergodyne. “In fact, it improves usability. That’s really the sweet spot and key to encouraging widespread adoption.”

With the Squids 3745 Tool Grip, Ergodyne continues to innovate and lead in workplace safety, addressing critical issues and delivering practical solutions to prevent workplace accidents.

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