Work Truck Solutions Boosts Commercial Dealership Traffic with New Social Media Service

Work Truck Solutions is announcing a new social media ad management service for dealerships, called BusinessBuilder. This is the first social media ad campaign management service built specifically for commercial vehicle dealerships.

BusinessBuilder is designed to showcase a dealership’s commercial vehicles on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, as well as identifying and targeting the best audience for the ads. The service is built to increase relevant web traffic to a dealer’s inventory.

This announcement comes after a successful pilot program that ensured the service would provide a measurable benefit to Work Truck Solutions’ dealerships. On average, more than 20% of the tested dealerships’ monthly site traffic was attributed to BusinessBuilder. The campaigns also earned an average Facebook Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 1%, a 20% increase from the industry’s national average of 0.8%*. To carefully measure the results, the national pilot included dealerships from markets in the Pacific Northwest, Southeast, Midwest, and West Coast regions.

Dealerships that sign up for BusinessBuilder start off working with a Work Truck Solutions Digital Specialists who helps them to identify their campaign goals. Work Truck Solutions then builds and manages highly-targeted social media campaigns to promote those goals using the commercial inventory specified by the dealer. Dealers receive reports and insights on how their campaigns performed and what could be improved for future ads. Each monthly campaign can be retargeted to improve on the same goal, or can be shifted to achieve seasonal or vocationally targeted goals.

“Our overarching goal as a company is to help dealers modernize their commercial truck sales,” says Sean McGowan, Director of Marketing and Communications at Work Truck Solutions. “A lot of commercial dealerships have been running on a much older business model, buying print or online classified ads to try to sell their trucks. But work truck buyers are modernizing quickly. Most business owners are looking online for their trucks, their first stop is their dealership’s website. So, in addition to providing dealers with the most optimized commercial website possible, BusinessBuilder will now drive interested buyers directly to their inventory!”

BusinessBuilder is now available for all dealerships in the Work Truck Solutions network.

*Accessed September 27, 2018

About Work Truck Solutions

Work Truck Solutions is an online platform that optimizes dealerships’ websites for commercial sales. Through providing an intuitive search experience, full technical specifications from OEMs and body manufacturers, and search filters tailored specifically to commercial buyers, Work Truck Solutions optimizes the commercial buyer experience on the dealership’s website.

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