W-Series from Ingersoll Rand® Generates Class 0 Oil-free Air Quality

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in compressed air and gas systems and services, has introduced the W-Series of oil-free scroll rotary air compressors. The W-Series generates Class 0 oil-free air quality and answers today’s growing demands for whisper-quiet operation. Scroll compressors meet a broad spectrum of oil-free needs for commercial applications that require contamination-free air, low maintenance and a smaller footprint.

“Ingersoll Rand now offers a true, complete oil-free solution that guarantees reliable, pure air while reducing waste, inefficiencies and noise levels,” said Luca Doddi, Portfolio Leader for Plant Air Centrifugal and Oil-Free for Compression Technologies and Services at Ingersoll Rand. “The W-Series oil-free scroll rotary compressors create 100% oil-free air providing zero risks of contamination in a small, efficient package.

The W-Series scroll compressors use an orbital wheel single-stage technology. Two interlacing spiral scrolls pump, compress and pressurize the air. One scroll remains in a fixed position, while the other scroll orbits around it without rotating. The motion traps the air in the pockets between the two scrolls and pushes the air towards the center. As the air moves closer to the center, the pockets shrink, and the air compresses.

This unique design creates air completely free of oil – there is absolutely no oil in the compressor, air or condensate at all. The scroll compressors have a simple tip seal design with no metal-to-metal contact eliminating metal friction and the need for lubrication while maintaining sealing performance and saving energy.

Unlike traditional compressors that run unloaded depending on the control method, scroll compressors provide the precise use of power, energy and capacity for each applicant using a simple start and stop method. The W-Series features a multiplex design for part-load efficiency to balance the load among all the compressor motors. Scroll compressors operate the exact number of compressor motors required to meet each customer’s demand and cycle through each motor as needed, resulting in more energy savings.

The W-Series supplies a certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0 air, regardless of changes in demand or ambient temperatures. With four basic configurations, customers can choose from energy-efficient models from 2 to 30kW. The W-Series models are available in eight ratings from 3 to 40 horsepower, making them ideal in small manufacturing and specialty uses such as craft brewing, printing and biopharmaceutical labs.

Ingersoll Rand offers a full suite of service programs that support W-Series compressors. PackageCARE™ agreements provide customers with up to 10 years of additional coverage on their compressor. The program sends scheduled maintenance reminders and delivers genuine OEM parts to keep equipment running at peak efficiency.

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