StreamTech Engineering Announces New FoldSerter Color™: Add Personalized Full Color Documents to Open Cartons

FoldSerter Color™ now gives e-commerce fulfillment companies flexibility to add full color documentation to each order, with an unlimited amount of personalization.


StreamTech Engineering, a leading integrator and provider of intelligent fulfillment automation systems, today announced an update to their patented FoldSerter™ document automation system – the FoldSerter Color™, adding full color printing capabilities.

Since introduction, FoldSerter™ has been automating packslips to speed fulfillment in small and large companies alike. Now, e-commerce and fulfillment operations can automatically add personalized, graphic-rich documents with full color logos and images to their orders. Example applications:

  • Customer-supplied gift messaging
  • Membership and rewards updates
  • Assembly or installation instructions
  • Cross-promotional marketing
  • Food prep, serving, storage or cooking instructions
  • Nutritional information, ingredient list

The throughput of the FoldSerter Color™ ranges between 12 to 17 CPM with single-sided documents, at 300 DPI color. The system can incorporate card stock, an optional C or Z fold, as well as scan verification and parity checking against each order. FoldSerter Color™ can be integrated with friction feeders, thermal printers, and print-apply automation to deliver a mix of customized content tied uniquely to the customer order as a part of an integrated automated pack and ship fulfillment operation.

“End users and integrators both like the FoldSerter™ for its simplicity, reliability, and speed. We challenged ourselves to keep those features, now with full color printing. We feel that the addition of color will appeal to marketing leaders as well as operations professionals,” said Pat Bradford, Product Engineer.

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About StreamTech Engineering

StreamTech Engineering is an integrator of material handling systems, focusing on fulfillment automation for e-commerce, 3PL and other warehouse and distribution operations. With a core competency in controls and software, StreamTech provides custom solutions for pack station automation and document insertion, dimensioning and shipping, receiving, print-and-apply, sortation systems and more. Systems are assembled, integrated and debugged offsite before installation to minimize operational disruption and downtime. StreamTech’s automation systems commonly solve problems around labor allocation, throughput, customer satisfaction, cost control, and flexibility, to increase profitability and maximize throughput.

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