Sivyer Steel Presents Foundry in a Box

“Careers that Rock”, a showcase for several different career opportunities was hosted recently by Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency. One hundred students from Davenport High Schools participated. The Sivyer Steel Castings team of Keith Pearl, Director of Operations and Tyler Schneiter, Engineering Manager, presented Foundry in a Box.

The American Foundry Society created this project that allows you to simulate the same process in a lab setting, to demonstrate what is done on the floor at a foundry. The presentation included information about Sivyer as well as the team assisting students in creating a tin cast mold for a key ring. This process involved making a sand mold, pouring metal, and extracting the casting out of the sand. In a foundry setting this process could take days or weeks to accomplish, while students replicated this process in only ten minutes. Students were able to keep their created key ring once the process was completed.

The result was that Sivyer provided students with a hands-on experience of what the company produces and how these careers are obtainable and available to them directly after high school.

“Careers that Rock” highlighted careers that are achievable with 2 years or less of post-secondary education. Sivyer offered insight into the business of a foundry, information about joining skilled trades, highlighting the increase in demand for Sivyer’s quality castings which is driving employment opportunities. The day was successful in generating career awareness for one hundred students from the surrounding high schools.

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