Pooling Expertise in Sterile Processing – METALL+PLASTIC and OPTIMA Pharma at Lounges 2019

Lounges 2019 in Karlsruhe will focus on cleanroom technology and pharmaceutical processing. Experts from Metall+Plastic and Optima Pharma will be there to exhibit their “Real Life Presentations”, revolving around three topics relating to pharmaceutical practice.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently grappling with the question of which forms of catalyst technology ensure a particularly efficient breakdown of H2O2 in isolators. With the required residual concentrations of H2O2 getting lower and lower, this issue is more relevant than ever. Ultimately, systems need to be decontaminated and ready for use again in as little time as possible. Metall+Plastic will be presenting solutions for this at Lounges.

Another area of interest is the material properties in H2O2 bio-decontamination processes and the influencing factors that need to be considered. Important foundations are being laid from as early as the system design stage. Last but not least, the presentations will also explore the importance of sterility testing, which is carried out using special isolators. Proven sterile processes are essential in operational practice.

STISO at the Achema 2018
GTS-WL WiFi glove testing system by Metall+Plastic

Metall+Plastic will be showcasing its glove testing system for RABS and isolators both on the Lounges demonstration stage and at its booth. It will demonstrate why these measurements are important and how they are taken, while also outlining the differences between various types of glove testing systems.

At their trade fair booth, Metall+Plastic’s specialists will use an original isolator part to demonstrate its key quality characteristics. Visitors will also be able to find out about many other subjects, ranging from the latest engineering methods (CSPE – Comprehensive Scientific Process Engineering) to fill-finish technology for highly potent drugs. Experts from Metall+Plastic, together with colleagues from Optima Pharma, will be available at their shared booth to answer any questions. As members of the Optima Packaging Group, both companies are well-known for their turnkey expertise.

Metall+Plastic and Optima Pharma: Booth # G2.6

Lounges will be held at the trade fair center in Karlsruhe from February 5 to 7, 2019. The event focus on practical demonstrations and specialist presentations.

For more information, visit www.optima-packaging.com, contact consumer@optima-packaging.com, or click HERE for more detailed information + times.

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