Navaran Develops Smart Car Rental System in Iran

Iran has embarked on serious efforts over recent years to attract foreign tourists. To that end, it has passed facilitating regulations, built infrastructure like hotels, improved transportation and developed car rental systems, and signed contracts with international airlines and travel agencies.

After all, the most important step to that end has been to ease visa requirements for would-be tourists.

A foreign visitor to Iran would be caught by surprise, arising from ancient wonders.

Iranian hospitality, fascinating nature, historical monuments and unparalleled handicraft, innovative works in Iran as well as advances achieved over the past couple of years will surely surprise any visitor.

One of these innovations directly connected with tourism in Iran as well as being largely helpful is the introduction of new car rental systems in Iran. That coincides with the emergence of car rental in developed nations all across the globe.

Such systems in Iran’s transportation sector would definitely mark a step forward in tourism industry by facilitating trips.

Navaran is a pioneer in car rental industry, owning the biggest car rental fleet in Iran. Navaran is poised to turn into the biggest car rental network in the Middle East in the near future.

Navaran’s fleet is classified under Economic, Sedan, De Luxe, SUV and Commercial categories. Navaran’s business model is based on trusting customers who would have the possibility to rent cars in compliance with international standards without having to deposit any check or other security guarantees.

New clients will have only to deposit a small sum to cover police fines. But once a driver has been recognized as competent after renting cars on several occasions he would be exonerated from that small sum too.

Navaran’s vehicle management is smart; this technologically sophisticated system allows computers to confirm reservations automatically, which would make it easier for customers to have access to cars. Furthermore, this system would also help provide the best possible services to customers.

Car maintenance is also incorporated in this rental system. Inter-city travel and urgent cases are handled in the most appropriate way in order to satisfy customers. That would save time for customers as well as travel agencies.

Navaran’s fleet is equipped with a GPS tracking system. That would help locate vehicles in case of breakdown or other emergency matters. The system is intelligent enough to send special alarms for the occurrence of accidents, tough breaks, speeding and every other problem.

Along with its business partners, Navaran is currently covering more than 2,000 locations all across Iran as well as Free Zones. Owing to such coverage, Navaran’s roadside service team is able to reach customers in less than 30 minutes. The roadside service has every tool needed to fix glitches or breakdowns in the shortest possible time.

Meantime, thanks to the high number of vehicles at its disposal, Navaran may easily replace any car at any spot in Iran in cases where roadside service teams fail to repair a breakdown.

As long as car repair or replacement is under way, customers will enjoy accommodation provided by Navaran. Furthermore, Navaran has contracts with insurance agencies in order to shorten insurance processing time to the minimum possible, which is currently more than a day. Navaran’s business partners have provided facilities in more than 700 hotels in Iran to serve customers even at peak times.

Navaran’s stations are open 24/7, while customer and roadside services and technical support teams are permanently available to serve customers. But administrative divisions and B2B departments are open only during working hours.

Navaran has offices in all international airports in Iran and therefore tourists may get their ideal vehicle as soon as they step of the plane and clear customs. In a bid to manage their time, customers may use Navaran VIP Delivery Service in all cities and get their desired vehicle either at home or office.

About Naravan

Our slogan here at Navaran is “The first Iranian car rental company with a world class quality” and we believe in the trustful relationship between us in Navaran and all our customers. Navaran is stationed at almost every city of Iran and is keen in attracting both native and international partners and investors to stretch our horizons (100.000 vehicles) even more. Navaran’s business model revolves around trust among the company and makes it possible for our customers to rent cars through international standards without asking cheques or other common guarantees that our competitors require.

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