Guardian Introduces New A5 Concrete Expansion Anchor in the United States

Global height safety specialist Guardian is pleased to announce the new A5 Concrete Expansion Anchor to its extensive range of anchor offerings. The new A5 is a premium solution for concrete substrates that require a simple, reliable, and reusable 5,000 lb anchorage connector for single-point tie-offs or horizontal lifeline (HLL) endpoints. Designed for easy installation and removal, the A5 Concrete Expansion Anchor excels in temporary applications or those requiring quick relocation as work progresses.
Key features of the all-new A5 Concrete Expansion Anchor include:
  • Expanded connection loop: Provides a large opening for fast and convenient connections on the jobsite – even with gloved hands.
  • New ergonomic design: Includes a contoured, pinch-free thumb rest for more positive grip and control during installation.
  • Easy access labels: Stay out of the way during installation yet remain easily accessible for inspections. Durable material ensures long life and includes QR code for instant access to product manuals and other technical information.
  • New clear-view cable protection sleeve: Allows easy visual inspection of high wear components during required inspections.
  • Aluminum trigger: Crafted from long-lasting anodized aircraft grade aluminum to reduce weight, and features a wide, no-slip flange for ease of installation.
  • Dual expansion shoes: Securely grip concrete yet release easily during removal.
Fabian Guerrero, Senior Product Manager says, “Guardian has long led the way in anchors with the industry’s deepest range. The new A5 Concrete Expansion Anchor is a perfect addition to Guardian’s Any Anchor, Any Job, Any Time, 360-degree approach to this critical height safety category. Bolstered by the incredible reception we received at its unveiling during World of Concrete in January, we are very excited that launch time is now here!”

To learn more about this exciting addition to Guardian’s line-up or to find out how we are simplifying height safety, please click here.

To request a product demonstration or to learn more about Guardian’s comprehensive anchor offering, contact your local Guardian Height Safety Representative

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