Flat Cable Cryogenic Probes

  • Temperature Ranges: -200°C to +150°C and -80°C to +250°C
  • Flat cable for routing through door seals
  • Ideal for cryogenic and incubator applications
  • Cryogenic temperature proofness for sensor and cable
  • Sensor type: PT1000
  • Waterproof with IP67
  • 1.5m and 3m cable length available
  • Suitable for use with the Tinytag dataloggers

Tinytag, renowned UK manufacturer of dataloggers, have designed two new flat cable PT1000 probes which between them cover the temperature range of -200°C to +250°C and which are hard to find elsewhere on the market.

These waterproof (IP67) probes use a high specification resin and a unique manufacturing technique that allows the probes and their cables to be exposed to their full temperature range.
Specially designed with flat cables with a cross section of ca. 1.8mm x 3.6mm, the probes are ideal for applications where the cable needs to pass through equipment doors, such as fridges and freezers, without compromising their integrity.

This enables the data loggers to be located on the outside of the fridge or freezer, giving easy download access and a clear view of any displays and alarm LEDs.
Additionally, multi-channel radio and LAN loggers can be conveniently mounted between multiple fridges and freezers for optimum communications.

The model PB-7005 has a temperature range of -200°C to +150°C and the measuring range of the PB-7006 is -80°C to +250°C, and the probes are available with 1.5m or 3m cable length with a plug for the connection to a Tinytag datalogger.

Along with compatible data loggers in the Tinytag range, e.g. the new Tinytag Plus 2, TGP-4205, they will prove popular in laboratory and healthcare applications.
One type of logger can, by changing the probe, cover a wider range of pharma and laboratory applications: cryogenic, freezers, fridges, incubators, cook-chill cycles, etc.

Further technical data and prices are available HERE on our homepage.