Essential Storage & Assembly Solutions from Rack Engineering Division

Rack Engineering Division released an Assembly Table customized for manufacturing Ventilators. Three well-known manufacturers from other industries in response to COVID-19 began an initiative to manufacture ventilators and needed an assembly table to support the process. The critical delivery required quick response and turnaround from Rack Engineering in order to meet the immediate need and ultimately provide this essential medical equipment. The specialized work tables featuring onboard power strip, adjustable leg heights, UHMW tops, tool rail, and bin shelf were designed, built and shipped in a matter of days, all due to the quick response, commitment and attention to detail from Rack’s engineers and customer support teams. Rack Engineering is committed to every customer’s design during essential and standard working situations. Experience the difference for all your storage solutions with Rack Engineering. For more information, contact us.

ABOUT Rack Engineering Division

Rack Engineering Division (RED) specializes in the manufacturing of racking and storage solutions that are heavy duty and constructed to endure high capacities and tough industrial environments. Rack Engineering Division was originally founded in 1935 in response to an industry need for cost effective solutions to storage and handling problems for raw materials and tooling while helping customers save time and space by optimizing workflow. Since this time we continue to solve high capacity storage challenges with a quality product supported by a wide network of distributors and integrators throughout North America.

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