Employee Training Assures Customers of Superior Refractory Workmanship

Philip Wrisley is latest Plibrico employee to receive API 936 Refractory Certification

Investing in industry training and development is necessary to continue to deliver the quality installation and repair service refractory customers have come to expect from Plibrico. Few tactics can rival the quality assurance that can be generated from well-trained and motivated employees. Plibrico Company, LLC., a major supplier of monolithic refractory materials and services, knows the importance of training first-hand.

“At Plibrico, we are committed to helping our employees grow personally and gain the necessary level of knowledge to productively perform his or her job,” said Brad Taylor, Plibrico President and CEO. “Over the years we have found that providing the opportunity to develop through training is one of the most important factors in employee motivation, engagement, and positive morale.”

Philip Wrisley, Project Manager at Plibrico’s Salem, Ohio office, is the latest of the company’s employees to take advantage of this training. Wrisley is the recipient of an API STD 936 Refractory Personnel Certification from the American Petroleum Institute (API). This internationally recognized certification verifies Wrisley’s knowledge of API Refractory Installation Quality Control Guidelines for field-testing of monolithic refractory materials, as well as best practices in the installation and repair of refractory linings. In doing so, Wrisley is now certified to provide customers with API approved field testing to assure superior refractory performance, while saving time and money on installations. In addition, his knowledge can help better align Plibrico installation teams with third-party inspection services to facilitate improved quality assurance practices overall.

“I greatly appreciate Plibrico’s support in helping me achieve this long-term career goal,” said Wrisley. “My API certification assures customers of a higher quality of work and increases their confidence and peace of mind that Plibrico is the right choice for refractory material, engineering, repair and installation services.”

About Plibrico Company, LLC

Plibrico Company, LLC is an industry leading single-source supplier of aluminosilicate and high alumina monolithic refractories used in the processing of aluminum, steel, sugar, cement, waste, power generation and other demanding thermal environments. For over a century, organizations have trusted us to develop innovative and reliable refractory solutions that consistently increase efficiency, improve production uptime and safely boost the performance of our customers’ thermal processing operations and equipment.

Committed to growth and focused on providing value to customers, Plibrico has brought together one of the broadest product and technical service portfolios in the refractories industry. Our wide portfolio allows us to fully service our customers from concept to completion.

Headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, Plibrico serves its customers through a centrally located manufacturing plant, and a network of refractory construction offices and partners throughout the United States and Canada. Plibrico supplies high quality monolithic refractory materials worldwide under the Plico™ brand.

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