Coxreels Releases Full-color, 60 Page Catalog

The full-color, 60 page catalog from Coxreels showcases the most extensive selection of hose reels, cord reels and cable reels and details COXREELS® product specifications and features in simplicity. Their main catalog is available in imperial and metric versions and downloadable in different paper sizes.

You can also click HERE to request a catalog in the mail.

Also check out their EZ-Coil® catalog. This catalog specifically focus on COXREELS® Safety Series reels featuring the patented EZ-Coil® Rewind Safety System. Engineered and developed exclusively by COXREELS, EZ-Coil® is the only choice for safe spring driven hose reel, cord reel and cable reel operation.

COXREELS® also offers a collection of additional literature including detailed product information that is all downloadable in web and print quality.

About Coxreels

COXREELS® manufactures heavy duty professional grade hose, cord, and cable reels of the highest quality. Our comprehensive selection of reels includes spring retractable, hand crank and motorized hose, cord and cable reels and our patented EZ-Coil® Safety Series spring retractable reels with controlled rewind. We are the worldwide leader in the reel industry and have been serving customers in residential, commercial and industrial settings since 1923. Our engineering capabilities and manufacturing processes allow us to design and build top quality, USA Made products for any conceivable application where reels are needed.

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