Clipper® Wire Hook System Produces Quick and Easy Machine-Installed Splices

The Clipper® Wire Hook System from Flexco features a low-profile design and quick and easy installation that is ideal for package and parts handling, general manufacturing, and food processing.

A double-staggered grip pattern gives Clipper wire hooks exceptional holding power without degrading the integrity of the belt carcass. The hooks also have a very low profile, making them increasingly more compatible with conveyor components and compliant with the need for reduced operating noise.

Clipper wire hooks are designed for use in a variety of applications with several different wire diameters, leg and point lengths, metals, strip lengths, and styles, such as Unibar® and carded hooks.

A key advantage of the Clipper wire hook system is that the fasteners are machine installed, producing a precise, strong, smooth, and consistent splice. The Roller Lacer®, Roller Lacer Gold Class™, and Microlacer® are available to match on-site, production, or special application lacing needs. All of the lacers utilize roller lacing technology, working fast to significantly minimise downtime without sacrificing precision.

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About Flexco

Flexco is the world’s single source for light-duty endless and mechanical belt splicing solutions. The company is based in Downers Grove, Illinois and operates subsidiaries in Australia, Chile, China, England, Germany, India, Mexico, Singapore, and South Africa. Flexco markets its broad line of products through a worldwide network of distributors, under the Flexco®, Alligator®, Clipper®, and Novitool® brand names.