BHC Partners with Honeywell to Offer Liquid Oxygen Compliant Chemistries

BHC and Honeywell Corporation have partnered, naming BHC a distributor of the Solstice Performance Fluid Solvent line for the Space Industry.

By adding the Solstice PF-HP and Solstice PF-HP Spray to the product line, BHC will be able to provide its Space customers with additional NASA selected solvents which have many favorable environmental benefits. The Honeywell Performance Fluid Solvents are used for precision cleaning and cleanliness verification testing. Both Honeywell Performance Fluid Solvents have been selected by NASA for use on LOX (liquid oxygen) components and hardware.

For 30 years BHC has provided the sales and support of aqueous degreasing chemistries to the Space Industry. The aqueous chemistries were tested and proven for the replacement of 1,1,1 (Ozone Depletion) which was used in the vapor degreasing process for cleaning of mission critical components. BHC’s AquaVantage® 815 GD and AquaVantage® 1990 GD are both approved by NASA for the cleaning of LOX components and hardware.

“The Honeywell Performance Fluid Solvents are a natural product extension allowing BHC to provide a package to our Critical Cleaning Space customers” said Jeff Beard, BHC Business Development Manager. “Cleanliness verification solvent is used after the aqueous cleaning process. The Honeywell Performance Fluid Solvents are highly effective and convenient for use within test stand areas. The addition of these solvents allows our Space customers that have critical cleaning needs to buy from one vendor.”

About BHC

BHC is the specialty chemical manufacturer of Brulin Industrial Solutions serving markets such as Space, Aerospace, Precision Metal, Automotive, Medical, Optics and Industrial Maintenance. In 2015, BHC, Inc. became the official name of the company formally known as Brulin & Co., Inc.

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