100 Years and Counting for Behringer GmbH

Behringer GmbH celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. Since the founding of the company in 1919, Behringer has developed into the leading supplier of innovative sawing technology worldwide.

August Behringer SawsThe history of the sawing machine producer started in 1919, when August Behringer founded a small locksmith and mechanical workshop in the village center of Kirchardt, Germany. In the early years, mainly repairs were carried out, but the first machines and equipment for agriculture were also produced.

In the turmoil of the post-war period, need was the driver of invention. Due to a lack of sufficient repair orders, August Behringer responded to a supply gap in his region: Many small metalworking companies had no opportunity to separate iron precisely before further processing. So, the entrepreneur produced the first metal hacksaws. Beginning in 1952, the necessary cast iron was made in their own iron foundry. Since that time, Behringer sawing technology and the use of vibration-dampening cast iron components have been closely linked.

In 1962, sons Herbert and Wilhelm Behringer took over the management. With the development of the first bandsaw machines in the 70’s and the specialization on robust, column-guided designs, Behringer focused early on the high demands of craft, industry and steel trade for precise, efficient sawing machines. The product range expanded rapidly to include, for example, miter and vertical bandsaws to cover a wider range of applications. The integration of the circular saw specialist, Eisele, in 2000 made Behringer one of the few complete suppliers in the sawing technology market.

Today, Behringer GmbH is an internationally active, medium-sized family business run by the grandchildren of the founder, Rolf and Christian Behringer, in the third generation. Traditional values, innovative solutions, solid technology and a high-level of vertical integration characterize the company. Most of the machines produced are exported to over 80 countries. Sales and service offices in the U.S., France, China and the United Kingdom and over 30 agencies worldwide underline the international focus.

Fit for Future

With extensive investments in the production sites in Kirchardt and Weilheim, Behringer is making “Fit for Future”. Two new assembly halls and a generous extension to the development departments are being completed and will be occupied after the anniversary celebration in November. Another focus of the investments is the networking of production facilities and the digitalization of business processes via the in-house BEHR Connect platform. It is designed as a gateway that connects sawing machines, drilling lines or material handling systems and makes it possible to use the wealth of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) with extensive analysis. With add-on modules, linked production lines are controlled and optimized through numerous processing steps.

behringer 100About Behringer Saws

Behringer Saws is a manufacturer of high performance bandsawing machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment. Operating as Behringer Saws Inc., the U.S. operations are located in Morgantown, PA and are a subsidiary of the parent company Behringer Gmbh, in Kirchardt, Germany.

Behringer prides itself on building the highest quality metal sawing and fabricating equipment in the world. Their primary goal is to create value for their customers, by continuously striving to achieve the highest combination of speed and accuracy, combined with cost-effectiveness. All equipment design is based on achieving these primary objectives, on a dependable and long lasting machine, and in that regard Behringer is truly the benchmark.

In addition, Behringer offers the widest selection of models, which allows us to not oversell or undersell a customers needs. Through detailed discussion with end-users, Behringer is positioned to offer a system that delivers the appropriate size ranges, options, and material handling requirements for their unique application.

For more information, visit www.behringersaws.com or contact Sawing@behringersaws.com.

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